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Robert Holt, Alexander Harvey and Francis Carter: three individuals each with vision, determination and the capacity for hard work, who carved out thriving businesses in New Zealand. Whilst the three men never met, they each established market-leading companies which would one day form Carter Holt Harvey. The company grew through mergers and acquisitions as well as through sheer hard work ensuring that it has always been at the forefront of developing new products and seeking ways to be a market leader. It expanded beyond New Zealand's shores a long time ago so that nowadays Australia is a part of the company's operations. More importantly though, Carter Holt Harvey's customers today are from all around the globe and one of its core values is to continue to strive to deliver valued customer solutions.

Carter Holt Harvey has delivered market leading products and services for over 100 years.

Some Key Milestones in Our History:

  • Robert Holt's Steam Sawmill 1874
  • Alex Harvey commences tin can manufacturing 1886
  • First Carter sawmill venture -1896
  • Alex Harvey & Sons established -1911
  • Formation of Carter Consolidated Ltd 1951
  • Formation of Robert Holt & Sons 1961
  • Formation of Alex Harvey Industries (AHI) 1969
  • Merger of Carter & Holt operations into Carter Holt Holdings 1971
  • Carter Holt acquires AHI to form Carter Holt Harvey ( CHH) 1985
  • Carter Holt Harvey acquires NZ Forest Products 1991
  • International Paper acquires 50.1 % of CHH 1991-92
  • Purchase of Tenon's structural sawmill assets in New Zealand, including Kawerau sawmill, in 2005
  • Sale of first tranche of Forest's business to Matariki Forests in 2005
  • Acquisition of Carter Holt Harvey by Rank Group 2005-6
  • Sale of second tranche of Forest's business to Hancock Natural Resource Group in 2006
  • Purchase of 10 distribution stores and one frame and truss plant to complement existing store and frame and truss network belonging to Carters, in 2006
  • Purchase of Whangarei sawmill in 2006
  • Purchase of six distribution stores to further complement existing store network run by Carters in 2007
  • Closure of five distribution stores to complete existing store network run by Carters
  • Purchase of Weyerhaeuser Australia's timber manufacturing operations and timber distribution business, 2008
  • Appointment of new CEO, Prafull Kesha, in 2011
  • Completion of new plywood mill at Myrtleford, Victoria Australia's largest plywood producer, 2011
  • Refurbishment of Marsden Point laminated veneer lumber (LVL) production facility, 2011
  • Closure of Lakeside sawmill (South Australia) and expansion of Mt Gambier Jubilee sawmill, 2012
  • Caboolture sawmill (Queensland) damaged by fire, 2012; rebuilt and returned to full production in 2014
  • Sale of pulp, paper and packaging business to a joint venture between Oji Holdings and Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, 2014

Francis Carter

Francis Carter

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Alexander Harvey

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Carter Holt Harvey has delivered market leading products and services for over 100 years.