Company Values

The company is proud of the strong links it has forged with other enterprises throughout the world. Carter Holt Harvey is committed to building strong relationships over the long term, employing processes that customers can rely on, and continually striving to be an outstanding business.

The company takes a sustainable approach to the way the company operates and grows its business. It is one of Carter Holt Harvey's core beliefs that only by considering the needs and concerns of all stakeholders can trusting relationships be built that will ensure success both today and tomorrow.

This means creating safe working environments for all employees. The company has a comprehensive safety programme and is continually striving to further improve performance.

Building trust with customers means meeting their expectations for innovative, sustainable products that are where they need them, when they need them - every time.

It also means operating a successful and competitive organisation that contributes to economic growth and wealth for the communities it serves.

The company's commitment to the environment is fundamental to its business. From the use of plantation forests to promoting polices to minimise waste and emissions, Carter Holt Harvey is proud of the sustainable base for its products.


What we value

We continually strive to be an outstanding business in everything that we do, from what we manufacture to service delivery. The career opportunities for our people through to using a sustainable approach in the way we operate and grow our business.