Carter Holt Harvey’s commitment to the environment is fundamental to its business. From the use of plantation forests to promoting polices minimizing waste and emissions, Carter Holt Harvey (CHH) is proud of the sustainable base for its products. CHH continually strives to be an outstanding business in everything the company does, from manufacturing to service delivery with sustainable solutions at the core of this. 



The CHH EPDs are a demonstration of the continual focus and commitment to sustainability, through a science driven, independently verifiable process with standard methodology across all products.

View and Download the EPD for Sawn, Gauged and Finger-Jointed Timber.

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CHH has developed a new Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting programme. CHH has focused on setting out what its stakeholders have identified as material ESG issues, how it manages, or plans to manage those issues, and key environmental indicators. In the future, CHH will celebrate its ESG achievements and acknowledge those areas where it needs to improve, keeping on a path of steady improvement that will further strengthen CHH in the years to come.

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CHH sources logs from sustainably managed plantation forests and other controlled sources, and has the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification. This measure provides a formal assurance that gives CHH's customers confidence about its sustainability credentials.

FSC has recognised CHH's manufacturing facilities listed below for using responsibly sourced wood:



The CHH Plywood and Futurebuild LVL range of H1.2 and untreated products have been issued Declare labels and determined to be Red List Free through the International Living Future Institute, and as such, can be used in Living Building Challenge projects.


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Futurebuild LVL Untreated Products 

Futurebuild LVL H1.2 Treated LVL & hyJOIST

CHH Plywood Ecoply Untreated Structural Plywood 



CHH's wood products manufacturing operations make full use of the log resource it acquires. Few manufacturers globally can claim a near 100% utilisation of raw material, as well as the ability to provide the majority of their total energy needs by efficient use of waste materials.

CHH uses over 160,000 tonnes per annum of what would otherwise be waste material and turns it into renewable energy, principally in the form of heat for steam generation. CHH also harnesses geothermal steam where available and maximises its use of renewably generated green electricity (hydro, wind, geothermal).

CHH sources approximately 80% of its total energy needs from renewable sources, with over 50% coming from biomass its wood waste.