Working at Carter Holt Harvey

Carter Holt Harvey strives to be the best in all aspects of its business.

This vision refers not only to financial performance, but also to the company's approach to health and safety, its processes, its plants and equipment, its people, its culture, and the respect it has within the wider community.

It is about being:

  • a commercially sustainable company;
  • more productive;
  • trusted by customers, employees, communities and shareholders; and
  • able to deliver on promises.

Achievement of this vision is driven by the efforts and commitment of all staff.

It is about setting high standards and then striving to achieve them. It is also about exercising personal judgement and making sound business decisions. It also ensures that the company develops its employees to meet their goals and grow to their full potential.

The company's vision encompasses its goals and targets for the future and the actions needed to achieve them.


World Class People

Carter Holt Harvey seeks to create a culture which enables its people to perform at their best.

To ensure the company achieves its goals, Carter Holt Harvey supports and motivates its people by providing ongoing investment in their professional development, by offering competitive compensation and benefit packages and the opportunity to contribute and influence the company's ongoing success.


Work Opportunities

Carter Holt Harvey seeks world class people from a variety of backgrounds to work with the company. With operations in New Zealand and Australia, it is able to offer a variety of exciting work opportunities and career pathways.

There are great opportunities across a variety of functions from Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Finance, IT, Sales & Marketing and Human Resource Management.


Work with Us

For more information about current opportunities and details on how to apply for them, please visit the vacancies sections of the following business units:

Carter Holt Harve Career CentreThe Carter Holt Harvey Way

Our vision refers not only to our financial performance, but also our approach to health and safety, our processes, our plants and equipment, our people, our culture, and the respect we have within the wider community.